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This is the list of the current Lineage Achievements that you can gain in the game:

Lineage[edit | edit source]

  • Never Forget What You Are, For Surely The World Will Not
  • More You Give A Noble The More They Want
  • Knight Of Stories
  • Spider
  • Grand Defender
  • Emissary
  • Remembrance
  • Bank Of Iron And Gold
  • Reformation
  • Not For Glory
  • Swift As A Deer
  • Quiet As A Shadow
  • Fights For Coin
  • Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris
  • Young Wolf
  • Finder Dance
  • Dragon Rider
  • Silver Stag
  • Bow So Low
  • Belly Full Of Wine
  • Death Is So Final While Life Is Full Of Possibilities
  • It's Like An Inn..
  • If I Look Back I Am Doomed
  • Every Flight Begins With A Fall
  • Ice Can Burn